EPO VS Borage Oil ( Shaklee GLA Complex)! Sama Ke Tak Sama?

Ramai yang bertanya tentang produk EPO Shaklee, mendorong saya untuk berkongsi tentangnya. EPO atau English Primrose Oil, dibuat dari sejenis bunga bernama English Primrose, sekian lama digunakan untuk menyelesaikan masalah wanita dan sakit sendi. Hinggakan nama EPO disalah-sangka sebagai nutrien macam DHA, EPA, etc. EPO sebenarnya minyak dari bunga english primrose.

Dalam minyak english primrose ni mengandungi GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) dan minyak inilah yang berguna untuk selesaikan beberapa masalah tersebut. GLA ini juga terkandung dalam bunga borage yang digunakan sebagai bahan utama dalam GLA Complex Shaklee.

Jadi, apakah perbezaan antara EPO dengan borage oil? Borage oil mengandungi GLA yang lebih tinggi dari EPO iaitu sebanyak 25% berbanding 10% GLA dalam EPO.

Kelikatan GLA yang lebih tinggi terbukti lebih baik untuk membantu dalam beberapa masalah kesihatan seperti PMS, arthritis, malah ekzema.

Bukan itu saja, GLA Complex Shaklee mengandungi Vitamin E dan minyak biji bunga matahari yang kaya dengan asid lemak Omega-6. Daun borage juga dikatakan galactogogue yang bagus (dalam GLA Complex Shaklee bukan daun, tapi biji bunga borage).

Borage oil juga digunakan pada akhir kehamilan untuk mematangkan serviks.

Healing Power of Borage Oil

As a result of the powerful regulating effects derived from the conversion of GLA to healthful prostaglandins, borage oil and other GLA supplements have shown to be beneficial in the treatment and relief of many classic and modern day health problems. The diseases of diabetes, asthma, cystic fibrosis and multiple sclerosis are thought to be helped by bringing about a balance in an otherwise faulty fatty acid metabolism. According to a study released in the journal Diabetes Care, supplementation with GLA has shown promise in the reversal of diabetic neuropathy (a condition where the nerves degenerate and symptoms of pain and numbness follow). The study concluded that all diabetics should be considered for a dietary protocol of GLA. Other conditions shown to benefit include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, skin conditions, arthritis, allergies, weight loss, improved behavior of hyperactive children and increased strength of hair and nails. Cited in the book, Super Nutrition For Menopause, written by the renowned nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, is one of the most popular applications of GLA supplementation in the relief of menstrual pain. Sufferers use a maintenance dose up to the seventh day prior to menstruation, then double that dose for the duration of their menstruation. Dietary restrictions of meat, dairy and eggs during this time has also shown to compliment this regiment. Many would agree with Ms. Gittleman's credo in allowing mother nature to cure our ails before relying on synthetic drugs which often come with side effects.

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